Saturday, February 13, 2010

Curtain Raiser

I have created this blog today (Saturday, 13 February 2010) with the intention of sharing frequently my experiences, thoughts, views and concerns on a variety of topics related to my primary interests, viz., Astronomy, Physics, Science Education, Information and Communication Technology (in) Education, Popularization of Science among students, teachers and the lay public and Photography.

The coming Tuesday marks the 30th anniversary of the great total solar eclipse of 16 February 1980 that could be seen from most parts of south central India. I will be describing my experience of viewing this magnificent and wonderfully memorable event from the Tungabhadra dam on the outskirts of Hospet in north Karnataka. It will be posted on Tuesday, 16Feb10.


Dr. S. V. Narasimhan said...

Respected Sir,

Please let me be the first to respond to your splendid account of the celestial show. From now on, all of us will be eagerly waiting for your thoroughly researched, authentic articles to help us reach out to the stars we hold so dear. I am humbled at your mentioning me. I will ensure you that my story will see a logical end.



Sanju said...

Dear Sir,

Your experience had given lot of learning for me.Would like to look forward for many such experiences of yours.

Sanju Nair